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Carlos Alcaraz: The World No. 1 and the World No. 1

Carlos Alcaraz: The World No. 1 and the World No. 1

Carlos Alcaraz speaks with CNN after US Open win

On the podium, Carlos Alcaraz salutes his victory at the US Open with a handshake from former U.S. men’s player Lanny Frattare. Alcaraz, 33, is a Colombian who made his way into the U.S. Open’s spotlight with a walkover victory in the second round. Alcaraz spoke to CNN in an exclusive interview after his run to the final.

(CNN) – Carlos Alcaraz, 33, has a lot of things going for him. He’s a World No. 1 and had a walkover win in the second round at the US Open. He’s undefeated in Grand Slam matches since turning pro in 2012. He’s going into this week as a favorite at the US Open and a favorite in all the other events he plays.

But, he’s also a guy who says he’s not really sure of his own self on the court. When he’s on his way to the court to hit a shot, or when he’s off with his family, he’s not sure who he is on the court. “I’m not sure what I’m doing there.”

“I always play just to be able to finish tournaments,” he said.

He’s also in a battle with a lot of questions he’s been asked this week about the walkover win. Was there anything special about that moment? Was he even on his way to the court? On the way past, did he remember he had made the same shot just two weeks earlier at the Aegon Championships? The questions have him wondering: Do those kind of things ever happen?

“I have the biggest respect for Lanny. He’s the king. He is so good,” Alcaraz said of Frattare, who was a longtime friend and an integral figure in his rise to a top-10 player. “He’s an unbelievable champion and a great gentleman. He’s the one who told me the game has changed. That really helped me.”

The question he’s been asked the most is this: What does he think of Roger Federer?

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