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Hilary Duff’s memoir, “Hollywoodland: Tales of the West,” is set to be released on April 12

Hilary Duff’s memoir, "Hollywoodland: Tales of the West," is set to be released on April 12

Aaron Carter memoir delayed amid pushback from singer’s publicist and Hilary Duff

After months of silence, pop star Hilary Duff has released a memoir that has upset former vocalist, and Carter’s manager, Alex Loyd.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Loyd blasted the book as “a betrayal of Hilary and a slap in Alex’s face.”

“Hollywood is filled with self-absorbed people who think they have the right to tear others down who make mistakes,” Loyd wrote. “But Alex has put his own career and that of Hilary on the line,” he added.

BTS’ Suga apologizes for “totally” offending Loyd, but says he just needs to “deal with his past and not make it worse so that he knows I understand.”

Hilary’s memoir, “Hollywoodland: Tales of the West,” is set to be released on April 12.

Loyd, who represented Carter in the early 2000s, confirmed the book’s release.

“I read the book, and I was hurt, because I had no idea what she was going through during that period of time,” Loyd told Fox News of Carter’s memoir. “If anyone truly loved her, they would have done everything they could to help this troubled young lady get a full life. She chose not to and chose to write a book that put me into an even worse position that I never could have imagined. Alex is trying to make things right by telling people that, but we’re in complete disagreement on that.

“Her publicist has told me I’m still working for the person I was representing in the early 2000s,” Loyd added. “I told him to go to hell. I don’t understand it.”

The memoir, which Duff has been promoting aggressively, is the second book Loyd has refused to release. In 2009, he withdrew his client, former pop singer Britney Spears

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