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Katie Hobbs is a Democrat Candidate for Governor of Arizona

Katie Hobbs is a Democrat Candidate for Governor of Arizona

Katie Hobbs Tops Kari Lake for Arizona Governor

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Katie Hobbs Tops Kari Lake for Arizona Governor

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The first time Katie Hobbs heard about the possibility of her being the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona was during a private conversation with a friend.

Katie Hobbs

As soon as the conversation ended, the candidate called her friend to get more details. Then she called the Arizona Republican Party headquarters to find out more. “I had already known I had a potential role in this race and I could only be more excited,” Hobbs said.

After learning when she started to be a part of politics, Hobbs decided her role would be to give back to others. Now, as one of 39th Congressional District Congressional candidates vying to serve Arizona in Washington, Hobbs is giving back to the community in a way she’s never done before.

Hobbs will be the Democratic nominee for governor of Arizona in 2018. The former Air Force captain and former Phoenix police officer says the only way to give back is by putting Arizona first.

In fact, the Republican Party of Arizona is in dire need of electing a strong and trustworthy leader. During a recent interview Hobbs said, “I’m not going to sit back. I don’t ever want to be looked at as a rubber stamp, and I won’t be.”

Last week Katie Hobbs took her campaign to a new level by announcing the support of one of Arizona’s top elected officials, former Governor Jan Brewer. “We need someone with the strength, the experience and the temperament to make this state safe for the next generation,” Hobbs said in the press release. The Republican Party of Arizona thanked Brewer for her support.

Hobbs’ campaign website notes, “The biggest surprise in the race so far is that a local fire captain has been chosen as the next governor instead of the party insider. Gov. Brewer has not had a statewide campaign since she narrowly failed in 1994 and is well-positioned to run a better

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