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Pape Evra opens up about his alleged past with child abuse

Pape Evra opens up about his alleged past with child abuse

Patrice Evra: Former France star opens up about sexual abuse claims

Former France defender and current Juventus boss, Pape Evra, has opened up about his alleged past with child sexual abuse on the eve of a new TV documentary featuring allegations against former Chelsea and Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I suffered abuse during my childhood,” he admitted. “I was 10 years old when I suffered the sexual abuse of a child. I suffered because of the fact that the child was in my home.”

“What happened to me, I never tried to hide,” said Pape Evra, as he revealed he has been in contact with the alleged victim since 2011 and they have since met up at a number of football stars’ former homes.

“I told the children’s council in my village, I did a lot of work on them, I never ever tried to hide it. I never ever thought it would end like that.”

“The French police, they are not looking at the facts. They are just looking for me and are trying to drag me in. I have no choice. I have to find a way out for all of that. I am going to tell the truth.”

A new documentary by Britain’s Channel 4, Football Unfinished, will shine a light on all the alleged victims of pedophilia. The programme will focus on the claims made by the former Chelsea and Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, and will also interview a number of other well-known footballers who claim they have also had child sex abuse claims made against them.

Former Chelsea and Juventus defender Pape Evra, who became a household name during his time with the French national team, has told his story of childhood abuse.

Pape Evra revealed he has spoken to the former child abuse victim he says was abused by his former French neighbour from an early age. The former France international, now a Juventus manager, spoke at a press conference where he revealed his alleged neighbour’s claims against him after an initial police investigation fell flat.

Evra said: “I had no relationship with him until he moved. I saw him around and his family, his wife and his children, they

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