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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is letting go of his music career

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is letting go of his music career

Trent Reznor says he’s moving on from Twitter, and Elon Musk is taking it personally, after the musician wrote on his public account of his frustrations while working on a new album, and expressed frustration that it wasn’t coming off before he was fired.

Musk, who took over as Tesla CEO in June, fired Reznor in May just days before his new album was supposed to be released, and he claimed on Twitter that he was let go because he was “trolling” Tesla.

When the project, titled The Slip, was released earlier this year to critical acclaim, Reznor wrote: “It’s over. I’m over. The world sucks.”

Now, however, the musician is moving on from Twitter, while Musk is finding it hard to let go himself.

“I’m writing a new book, a memoir, on Elon and me,” Reznor wrote, adding that he’s “really, really, really sorry” about all the drama and bad press he received over the past few years.

“If I were a more responsible person I would have waited until I finished the book and then I would have been done,” he continued. “But I was an idiot, really I was.”

Musk replied: “Well, that’s a shame, I think you two deserve some alone time.”

Reznor then replied, “This is all a work of fiction. I don’t give a s–t what people think.”

“I just want you to understand that as an artist, this is the way I’m wired,” he continued. “My only real obligation is to do what I love. If I were just trying to make it in the business I’d be making the right decisions, but I just have to do what I love.”

Musk asked, “Really?” and Reznor replied, “If you ever stop having fun, stop living, stop trying, stop caring what other people think of you, and start

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