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The Best of the Best: Wendy Williams

The Best of the Best: Wendy Williams

How’s Wendy Williams doin’? She says she’s booked, busy and a soon-to-be doctor. The former ‘All My Children’ star’s new book, ‘The Adventures of an Angel: A Memoir,’ hits stores today and is already the top-earning autobiography this year, pulling in more than $1 million.

In it, Williams opens up about becoming a mother at 26 with her first child, her struggle with addiction and more. In addition to being a great storyteller, Williams is also a certified life coach and has been called “one of the most positive and self-empowering women in the business.” What’s her secret? According to the New York Times, “You’ve got to do the work. You’ve got to work on yourself. When you start pushing yourself to do something, you’re going to get there.” Read more about Wendy Williams.

The top-earning actors this year are all women — Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Kristen Bell — according to Forbes. But which are the most successful in producing? The actress Olivia Wilde took home two awards: one for film directing and the other for best screenwriting. Read more.

And more great news about the Oscars! The 2017 Academy Awards show is on February 24 and it’s going to be fantastic. There are going to be big surprises, like a performance from a surprise celebrity. And then on Sunday, the host, Jennifer Lopez, is going to perform one of our favorites — ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ the national anthem of the United States of America. Get your tickets now.

This year, the Oscars will be hosted by Jennifer Lopez. And she’s already got a big history of hosting the Golden Globes. Lopez hosted the 2014 Golden Globes, where she was introduced by Bradley Cooper. Earlier that same year, she hosted the Screen Actors Guild Awards and introduced the nominees for the “Annie” movies.

And now, the two-time Oscar nominee seems to be returning to TV — a great thing!

Jennifer Lopez’s hosting gig at the 2017 Oscars is likely to be just what the doctor

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