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The FBI Convicted Timothy Monello of Obstruction of Justice, Harassment, and Civil Rights Violations

The FBI Convicted Timothy Monello of Obstruction of Justice, Harassment, and Civil Rights Violations

Complaint: Accused election official sought to expose fraud, then used his position to intimidate citizens

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A man who allegedly tried to expose election fraud in Pennsylvania has been convicted of obstruction of justice, harassment, and civil rights violations after filing a complaint with the FBI.

Timothy Monello, who lived in Scranton near Pittsburgh, was accused of calling in a tip to the FBI in early 2012 regarding the “Steele Dossier” involving Democrat Conor Lamb in the 3rd Congressional District race.

The Steele Dossier was a document containing information compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, who worked for a Democratic-leaning political group, the Perkins Coie, for a campaign opposing Donald Trump’s campaign.

The document claimed to include information on Republican candidate Conor Lamb, a candidate Trump endorsed, concerning an allegation that the Republican was gay. (RELATED: FBI AG AG’s report on leaks: ‘We have no evidence’)

The document was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Fusion GPS was the firm who hired Steele.

A former staffer for Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy told The Daily Caller that Monello was “dismayed” that the GOP had elected a Democrat to represent the district, and that Monello was motivated when he noticed a man dressed in uniform working in the office of the 3rd District Republican Committee on his property.

Monello claimed, however, that the man, who had his hand on his gun, was working for Democratic Party, and wanted to prevent him from investigating the race.

Monello claimed that he filed a complaint at the local police department for being terrorized by the man, but after being confronted, he called the FBI to make a complaint.

An alleged harassment complaint from Monello’s home, which included threats to kill a third person, was filed with the Scranton Police Department.

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