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The Mother Is Responsible for Not Telling Anyone

The Mother Is Responsible for Not Telling Anyone

Letters to the Editor: What ‘Ejaculate Responsibly’ should look like for men post-Roe v Wade

Friday night my 13-year-old (she’s actually a 13-year-old) friend, who has always been interested in sex, masturbated for the first time. She told me she had seen a cartoon where her father was ejaculating on a woman’s face who was standing with naked legs pointing to the sky.

She said she knew he must have had ejaculated in her mouth, at some point. She said she tried to think about how this man could have done that but she couldn’t, because she realized that it was disgusting and wrong. She said she doesn’t masturbate anymore and that she thinks it was a “dirty secret” that she tried to keep.

My response is: It’s a big responsibility to teach your children about responsibility and how to treat each other with respect.

Let’s face it: It isn’t a secret who is responsible for what the father did in that cartoon. The father was responsible.

The mom is responsible. The mom didn’t tell anyone. She didn’t tell anyone because she was not comfortable with her having to deal with this discussion at her stage of development.

And the mother was responsible for her not telling anyone.

Not only are we responsible for what we do, but we are responsible for who we do it to and how we do it, especially if we are taking it to someone that we love. That’s just basic human decency.

I’m all for responsible fatherhood but not “firing up the kids.” I’m not a parent that would do that for me, and I will not do it for anyone I love. I don’t do it just because I’m not ready to take my life into my hands if anything happens. I don’t do it because it’s the right way.

Yes, we all have sexual experiences that we don’t like and that we wish we could take back

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