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The Thief Stolen Lana Del Rey’s Music

The Thief Stolen Lana Del Rey's Music

Lana Del Rey says L.A. thief stole laptop with unreleased music: ‘Please don’t listen’

LOS ANGELES — A young man who was caught on video stealing a laptop with unreleased songs from a Los Angeles-area music festival says he wanted only to return the items and get his music back.

But Lana Del Rey says the thief has stolen her privacy, too. And she’s hoping more people will hear the songs he stole from her.

Lana said she has the video proof she provided her with, and she wants more people to hear them.

“I wanted to make sure my fans were going to get to hear them,” the 24-year-old singer said.

“I want you to tell them to share it with their friends because it’s not going to be the last of my music.”

Lana said she didn’t know who the thief was. And she doesn’t know what happened to the laptop. All she can do is hope her fans will be able to hear her music.

“It’s just heartbreaking, and when I heard everything was going to be stolen — they took it without even giving it back to us — we were so hurt. So we talked to the police. They have an investigation ongoing there. Hopefully they can get it back,” Lana Del Rey said.

“I want you to know you have to share it. So share it with your friends, share it with your family, share it with your friends. This is not the last of my music. No one can take my music. I will be back.”

Lana said she wanted to send a message to the young man who committed the crime to protect her privacy.

“The world’s biggest celebrity is scared about privacy. She doesn’t think you can take it back. She’s so sweet, and I hope people get behind her and understand what she’s going through. She’s dealing with so much herself.”

Lana’s manager has been following the story and says he’s hearing all sides of what happened.

“I want to just encourage everyone to talk to the authorities. There is really no way he could ever do this. I think everybody’s got a right to their privacy. He’s definitely being investigated,” Jason Nocito said.

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